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Cybervault is the leading digital technology company in the construction and engineering industry. We are a socially responsible organization and we are committed to building products that helps organizations to improve the way they operate their business. Our team have a vast experience in various domains including Banking , Insurance, Satellite , Shipping , Supply Chain and Telecom.

We have the track record of delivering innovative and cutting edge solutions for many industries. We also believe innovation is the only way for a better tomorrow and hence we are able deliver highly innovative products and services.

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We have over 75 years of combined industry experience in delivering business solutions across

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Digital Transforming Solution

SBS 360 is the Next Generation's Digital Transformation Solution with Data Analytics, it provides the solution to the end to end operations of Construction & Engineering Industry.The application is even fully functional offline, and synchronises seamlessly once a connection is available
  • All Modules reside on a Unique Platform.
  • Eng360 modules bring every aspect of your site operation together.
  • All the solutions are available in Web and Mobile applications as well.
  • Its covers the business functionality of project management,safety and quality
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Smart Faculity Management (SFM) is the Next Generation's Digital Transformation Solution with Customized Digital Checklist and Onsite M&E Inspection work flow system with the following Key Features:
  • Maintenance/Deployment Plan
  • Digital Checklist
  • Digital Signature / Digital Approval / Report
  • Location / Timestamp / Photo
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